New Croix Blanche Website

New Croix Blanche Lakes Website Screen shot

New Croix Blanche Lakes Website Screen shot

I’ve spent the last few days designing a new website for the lakes. Well actually that’s not quite accurate as I used WordPress which does 90% of the hard work for you.

While I like my old site which I did myself using Dreamweaver, it was very slow and fastidious to update. Adding a photo, a new gallery or article involved a lot of page redesign. And Dreamweaver had the horrible habit of not reproducing the same thing you had on your PC once it was loaded to the server.

Another major reason for changing to a WordPress based platform was the fantastic Social Network compatibility of the themes, and the perfect Google and Search Engine optimization that goes with the WordPress software. Best of all …. It’s Free!!

I would suggest that anyone wanting to set up their own site, to look no further than WordPress. They have literally thousands of theme templates. This is perhaps the hardest thing!! Choosing your theme.

It is all very straight forward and a minimum of coding and web knowledge is all that is required. A working knowledge of Photoshop helps as it enables you to get the most from your photos.

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