New Croix Blanche Website

New Croix Blanche Lakes Website Screen shot

New Croix Blanche Lakes Website Screen shot

I’ve spent the last few days designing a new website for the lakes. Well actually that’s not quite accurate as I used WordPress which does 90% of the hard work for you.

While I like my old site which I did myself using Dreamweaver, it was very slow and fastidious to update. Adding a photo, a new gallery or article involved a lot of page redesign. And Dreamweaver had the horrible habit of not reproducing the same thing you had on your PC once it was loaded to the server.

Another major reason for changing to a WordPress based platform was the fantastic Social Network compatibility of the themes, and the perfect Google and Search Engine optimization that goes with the WordPress software. Best of all …. It’s Free!! Continue reading

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A Year in Pictures : Croix Blanche 2014 Gallery

Instead of adding these to the photo gallery on the site I thought I’d post them here as the WordPress ergonomics is very nice and lets me show the whole year month by month in a practical scrollable layout. Well done to all the anglers in the photos.


A Double figure pike from January

A Double figure pike from January


[No pictures in galley]

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New Complex Record Catfish

The complex record catfish was smashed this week when Maidstone angler Clive Holbrook banked a giant 131lb (59kg) moggie from peg 11 on the Tortue Lake of the Croix Blanche Complex. Clive from Maidstone in Kent, UK tempted the giant fish on double halibut pellet, but using specific catfish tackle. During his week he banked several other specimens over 80lb.


Clive Holbrook with his monter 131lb catfish

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Croix Blanche Lakes Magazine 2015

Croix Blanche Lakes Magazine : Here is my combined brochure and magazine for Croix Blanche Lakes fishery in northern France. It has info on the venue, plus a few articles you may find useful by myself and guest writers.

Croix Blanche Magazine 2015 Continue reading

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That was the Week that Was!!!

Large groups on the lakes over the years have often been sources of hassle for me and for themselves. They are invariably difficult to organize for the guy who takes on the task, and I have seen it end in huge arguments on the banks between guys often who don’t really know each other.
So despite an easy full week for me, it was with slight trepidation I welcomed Zacc Harvey and his group to the venue on the week of the 23rd August.

47lb Common from Tortue Lake

47lb Common from Tortue Lake

Zacc had had the foresight to set up a Facebook page for the trip and we had all, me included spent a fair amount of time discussing the venue and tactics and tackle needed. This set most people’s mind at rest and paved the way for a no surprises, week of angling.
On the Saturday in question they rolled up in two hire vans absolutely packed to the gunnels with gear. This was Carp Gear R Us on steroids….
I gave them a tour of the lakes, explaining the best way to tackle each peg and what baits I recommended.
Zacc is a bait producer and has a company called ‘Best of British’, so naturally his baits were going to be put to the test.
Swims were decided and everyone went about setting up and getting the fishing under way.

45lb Common from Croix Lake

45lb Common from Croix Lake

Things kicked off fairly fast, Mark Lindley had the first fish in the shape of a 44lb catfish, and several swims started producing some nice fish quickly. Richard Curren on peg 2 had cats for 56lb and carp to 27lb. Zacc on peg 13 had a couple of large catfish and carp to 38lb..
Chris Boyle, not happy on peg 14, moved to peg 5 and immediately started to catch. Grant Hurst on Peg 12 had the first big carp at 42lb… all in all a very good start. Continue reading

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Croix Blanche revisited

by Steve Howard

It is commonly said that we learn more from defeat than we do in victory, and when you analyse that statement in terms of carp angling it becomes perfectly clear that this is most certainly the case. In fact, I would suggest that an unsuccessful session is one that we learn nothing from at all despite how many or what size carp we may (or not) have caught.

I am very thankful that the past 35 years of my carp-angling journey have continued to pose challenges and raise questions, just as they always have. Those challenges are what attracted me into carp angling in the first place and they have consistently fuelled the flame that burns inside me. I ponder now on how I might view carp angling without those factors in place, and if indeed I would still be a carp angler if the ultimate ambition had been swiftly removed on my first ever trip by the capture of a truly enormous carp?

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A week to remember!

by Steve Howard

All seasoned anglers will appreciate that it’s those especially memorable moments in angling that we strive for. Unfortunately, those euphoric snap-shots of success are often far and few between – although, of course, there is much besides ‘catching’ that we anglers find enjoyable.
For me, fishing is very much about my deep appreciation of being out there, not always catching, but enjoying the occasion nonetheless. I derive great pleasure in purely being there, sucking it all in, regardless of the fishing aspect.
However, the brief moments of euphoria, those are the occasions that drive me on and they are without question the precise reason why I have held such a passion for angling since I was a knee-high lad.

Many things that, at the time, I felt were majorly important in my life have come and gone, but the one single constant has been my passion for angling. That has and always will be a massive part of me… it truly defines who I am.
One of the many terms used within angling vernacular sums it up for me and, although it might be slightly worn and clichéd, for me, just being there really is enough on the majority of occasions.
This was the underlying reason that I travelled half way across France in late June…  Although, it must be said, I was desperate to get back on the bank and, dare I say it, bank a few nice carp, the trip was mostly agreed to, to spend a bit of time on the bank with my lovely partner, Lynne, whilst in the company of one or two angling friends. Continue reading

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44lb 8oz Tortue Common

When I get a nice picture sent over its good to post it on the blog. This shot was by Belgian angler Christophe Aelterman who banked this scale perfect 44lb 8oz common from peg 10 last week. Well done mate!!

aeleterman01 Continue reading

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Paul Macleod’s Superb Fortnight


A New PB for Paul at 54lb 3oz

Here are a few photos of Paul Macleod’s fortnight trip to the venue. Paul on his third trip to the lakes once again got amongst the big fish banking the largest carp of the year to date.

He started off for his first week on peg 13 of the Tortue Lake where he got right amongst the fish landing mirrors to a fabulous 54lb 3oz, a new PB for him to boot. Continue reading

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Spring 2014 Photos

Here are a few shots from fish April & May caught at the complex. The Spring has been pretty productive with a good number of nice fish banked.


40lb common from the Croix Blanche


Ceri with a 40lb mirror from the Tortue which was part of a 61 fish haul.. Awesome!!

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