Quest Baits Special Crab boilies now available on site

For 2012 we have opted to supply the Quest Baits Special Crab boilies at the venue. I have known Shaun Harrison for a number of years and have entire confidence in his bait quality. As I was involved with Quest at the outset, it is only natural that I put my confidence in thee high quality baits.

I have both 1kg & 5kg bags in stock.

More info on the website: Croix Blanche Lakes Bait


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5 Responses to Quest Baits Special Crab boilies now available on site

  1. dave clark says:

    hi gareth coming to fish with you in the last week of may on the tortue lake is there any signs of the fish spawning yet ??

  2. croixblanche says:

    Hi Dave,
    Weather here absolutely dire.. water temps still barely 10°C… So no chance of spawning in the immediate future. . Weather looks to be set in a similar vein for a week or two yet..

    There are a few coming out but very slow on the whole…


  3. dave clark says:

    hi gareth can you tell me which pegs on torture lake face south thxs dave

  4. croixblanche says:

    Hi Dave,
    Pegs 13,14 & 15 face south on the Tortue Lake… (Tortue not torture by the way!!)

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