Weather forecast for Reims | Local | France

I found this site on the net which gives a pretty accurate weather forecast for our region.

Weather forecast for Reims | Local | France.



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2 Responses to Weather forecast for Reims | Local | France

  1. Dave Clark says:

    Hi Gareth ,
    Im due to experiance a weeks fishing with you in may im in a party of 3 with vince who i believe you have spoke a couple of times . Just getting my baits list and things together and 1 question you may be able to help does your lake see a lot of spodding and what has the overall outlook and feedback from anglers who have spodded on your lake , if this helps or not i am fishing on peg 13 that week
    many thanks dave

  2. croixblanche says:

    Hi Dave,
    I have spodded a fair bit in the past, so always a technique worth looking at… I tend to use a spomb now though as it has zero spod spill.
    The ubiquitous bait boat seems to be the norm on most waters and mine are no exception, they do work well.
    But personally I use PVA bags and a rowing boat, which is available if necessary.

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