Lake Rules

  • Anglers are requested not to arrive before 12:00 noon at the venue and to vacate the site before 10:00 the following Saturday.
  • Three rods per angler. Barbless hooks only. No braided mainlines
  • Rods must NOT be left unattended.
  • Large landing net obligatory – 42” minimum
  • Unhooking mats must be used and wetted before use. The use of antiseptic is obligatory for disinfecting hook holds.
  • The sacking of fish is not allowed even at night.
  • Anglers must cast straight out from their pegs
  • Particles must be cooked correctly (no Peanuts)
  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • Do not throw any litter, cigarette ends or bottle tops on the floor or in the lake
  • Please use the toilets provided
  • Fires are not allowed, but the use of a barbecue off the ground is permitted
  • Do not shine strong lights directly at the lake at night.
  • No swimming
  • The cutting of trees and bankside vegetation is not permitted
  • Please do not block the paths and tracks with cars or equipment
  • Swims and facilities must be left clean
  • Any angler disrupting the peace (loud music, shouting, or excessive use of bright lights) will be asked to leave the premises without refund
  • Dogs are allowed, but must be kept under control at all times. They must remain by their owner at all times.
  • All accompanying people are the responsibility of the angler.
  • The management cannot be responsible for any theft or damage to personal property caused on premises.
  • In the case of a disagreement between anglers please contact the owner. The decision of the owner is final.
  • If anglers fail to comply with these rules the owner is within his right to expel the offending person, without refund.
  • No refund will be given to anglers leaving the venue before the end of their session.

    Best Regards

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